Local not-for-profit keeps Pomona Chocolates from melting

(Bowling Green)--Life gets sweeter by the minute for one local chocolatier. You can even find her special chocolates in four star hotels. And with the help of a local Not-for-Profit with some "ag" ties, her business stays away from melting.

In just the last few months, we've profiled the Center for Innovative Food Technology, or CIFT, several times. CIFT works to enhance the economic performance of food processing, especially in the areas of agriculture. Now, something a little different centering around some tasty chocolate morsels.

Julie Lachowyn couldn't, wouldn't even think of a world without chocolate. It's her life. Her company, Pomona Chocolates, has been around for a year and focuses on some indulgent little treats.

Her creative talents for baking planted the seed. But she needed some help in the marketing and producing. So she got some assistance from the Northwest Ohio Cooperative Kitchen, or NOCK. It's a collaboration between the Center for Innovative Food Technology and the Agricultural Incubator Foundation.

NOCK helps make entrepreneurs' dreams become a reality by providing access to a licensed kitchen, networking opportunities, and technical advice.

Lachowyn, who lives in Huron, Ohio typically produces some 500 gourmet chocolates every week and distributes them to some pretty high end places, such as the Ritz Carlton and Intercontinental Hotel in Cleveland. Sweet savory samples for everyone.

If you are interested in ordering some Pomona Chocolates, you can call 419-433-3670 or visit www.pomonachocolates.com. Or if you think you might have a product worth producing and marketing, you can contact the NOCK at 419-823-3099 or go to www.cift.eisc.org.

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