Local parents speak out against bullying after note placed in backpack

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Whitehouse, OH. (WNWO)-- "After everybody signed the card they put bon voyage, we all hope you die," said Lori Pinkerman.

It was 2014 when her daughter, a freshman at Anthony Wayne High School, received that hateful message from bullies.

Imagine her horror when 6 years later the same incident happened again, this time to someone else .

"Worse it seems worse the words are even more hateful," said Pinkerman.

On Friday a note was allegedly put into a student's backpack at the high school.

Melanie Kay, a concerned parent, reposted the letter on Facebook getting hundreds of shares and comments.

The letter calls the victim names, bashing her.

Part of the letter including "You need to stop, stop trying to make people like you" and "You should have killed yourself when you had the chance."

"If it was my first time seeing something like that it would be very shocking but it's not anymore," said parent and founder of Kids in Crisis Kelli Shook. Shook is a pediatric nurse and mother to Madi, a 6th grader in Sylvania.

Her daughter started "Bullfrogs against Bullying" after being teased in school.

"They were all making fun of me and I just decided I'm not going to take this anymore," said Madi Shok.

Her group provides resources and referrals for parents and kids dealing with bullying, but sometimes even positivity isn't enough.

In 2014,16-year-old Kayla Meeker a Sophomore at Anthony Wayne High school, committed suicide following continuous cyber bullying.

"That's all your focusing on, you're not focusing on your grades, your tests, your homework, stuff like that," said Madi.

The school did issue a statement on its website about this most recent letter... saying its "addressing this situation with great care and attention"

Pinkerman doesn't think the school is fully responsible, but she does want it to get more involved.

"They need to do more than black and white paper. I mean words are words, they need to know this is going on, they need to act on it," said Pinkermanf your child is undergoing bullying or your a parent and need help you can check out these reousrces.

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