Lori Ann Hill's sister suspects James Worley of 1985 cold-case murder

Rachel Hill's Story Part I

James Worley is not on trial for Lori Ann Hill's death nor has he ever been on trial for her death. This is Rachel Hill's story in her own words of what she believes happened to her sister Lori Ann Hill.

"And when I got home, my mom and dad were on the phone to the police. I'm like, 'I'm home.' They said, 'No, Lori wasn't home.' Automatically you sunk inside because you knew Lori was on time and yeah, we were scared, we were really scared," said Rachel Hill.

A cold case dating back to 1985, leaving many unanswered questions, hours spent in a court room and no killer found. Rachel Hill has spent the last 31 years looking for her sister's killer.

Rachel's father, Roger Hill spent years asking for anyone to come forward with any information about his daughter. Lori's parents, Dottie and Roger died not knowing who killed their little girl.

Rachel says Walt Zimbeck was tried for her sister's murder. Zimbeck was acquitted of charges after a hung jury.

Today, Rachel believes that James Worley is the one who killed her sister, Lori Ann Hill.

57-year-old Worley is currently being held without bond and accused of kidnapping and murdering a 20-year-old University of Toledo student, Sierah Joughin in July.

"It was 1985 on October 25 and Laurie was going to the football game and to an after Halloween party. She did not return home. My mom started making phone calls and my father and I started driving. I began to panic after going to the house where the party was... nobody had seen Lori. I remember calling different radio stations, 'Lori if you can hear us call us.' An older lady had seen her on Hallet Road overpass which would've been heading towards our home. We continued to look for her Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and on Tuesday I heard my mom... she said oh my God your dad's going to have a heart attack and he's kind of half leaning against Chief Bates police car and I don't think he had to say anything, but he walked in and my mom started to cry. And, he looked at me and he looked at my mom and he said she's gone. My mom started screaming".

"To do what he did to a 14-year-old girl... he's an animal," said Roger Hill.

Rachel believes it was Worley who killed her sister after she saw him at his first arraignment in Fulton County two months ago. She said the evil that oozed out of him, the bloodstained hands and the fact that he wrote with his left hand. Rachel said she was told years ago that her sister's killer was left handed.

Rachel talks about what she finds as similarities between her sister and Sierah's deaths, "There were marks of bondage on my sister. She had markings on her neck. She was walking, she was alone, tall, healthy, beautiful young girl. Lori's body was found the same amount of feet approximately from the road as Sierah's, the brutality in which he tortured them."

During an interview, Rachel talks about a time 6 months after her sister's death she was inside Worley's apartment and how he acted towards her.

What keeps Rachel going after all these years to find her sister's killer? Rachel says her family was extremely loyal to each other and that if it had been her body, her sister would still be looking for her until justice was served.

Once again this is Rachel's story in her own words. James Worley is not on trial for the death of Lori Ann Hill. Rachel decided to speak to NBC 24's Elyse Chengery exclusively because she wants her sister's story heard after 31 years.

What's next for Rachel? She wants her sister's DNA tested as soon as possible and her sister's body exhumed for further evidence. Rachel said she'll be in the courtroom for all of James Worley's court appearances.

Worley is accused of the kidnapping and murder of 20-year-old Sierah Joughin, his pretrial begins in March and his trial is scheduled for September of 2017.

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