Lt. Gov. candidate Betty Sutton calls out A.G. DeWine after ECOT audit turns criminal


Lieutenant Governor candidate Betty Sutton was in Toledo on Friday, voicing her concerns about the ECOT controversy.

After an audit, it was determined fraudulent numbers were reported, resulting in ECOT getting significantly more funding from the state than should have been allowed.

Sutton says Attorney General Mike DeWine, along with Secretary of State Jon Husted, received funding money from ECOT. She believes that money lead them to not investigate ECOT to the fullest.

She believes the money could be better spent on public school students throughout the state.

In response, DeWine's campaign says:

"Mike DeWine and Jon Husted believe that every dollar we invest in education needs only one priority: Helping our kids get off to a great start in life. Anyone who tries to manipulate that system should be held to account."

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