Lucas Co. Jail employees facing suspension after inmates 'sexual encounter'

Lucas County jail inmates suspended after investigation shows inmates had sex (

LUCAS COUNTY, OH(WNWO)--Inmates having a sexual rendezvous in the place where they're supposed to be serving time.

It happened at the Lucas County Jail earlier this month on January 7th around noon.

"Of course our officers should know better, they know the expectation when they hire in here," said Captain Captain Grove, of Internal Affairs in the Lucas County Sheriff's Office.

Due to flooding, four male inmates housed on the same floor as the women, had to be moved to a holding area which put them in close proximity to a female housing unit.

An inmate escaped in a nearby room, hiding out. That's when the security breach turned into shenanigans.

"He did have contact with a female at the bars alleging that there was some sexual contact at the bars between the male and female," said Capt. Grove.

Afterwards the inmate was able to sneak past officers, which is when they say a second sexual encounter took place with the same female inmate.

Both acts , law enforcement says were consensual. Officers, didn't discover the inmate was missing until after a dinner log showed him not accounted for.

Out of the four employees determined to be at fault, one received a warning. Two received a seven and ten day suspension respectively.

The officer in charge of watching the inmates –suspended for 75 days. All were suspended without pay.

"He was on a strict watch. The inmates he was overseeing were suicide risk," said Grove.

Some like Josette Kennedy think someone needs to lose their job.

"That shouldn't happen in a jail," said Kennedy. Others,like Johnathan Bradish sides with the officers

"If they don't know anything about it why get suspended," said Bradish.

Thoma Kurek Jr. says he's just glad their facing punishment.

"Not everywhere in the city you got that same type of justice happening so I'm glad to hear that."

Officers say a security breach on any level is a violation of policy, so they'll move forward to make sure it doesn't happen again.

"We train them appropriately they're tasked to do a very difficult job and so we'll move forward with retraining," said Capt. Grove.

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