Lucas County Canine Care & Control reminds residents to register dogs

In Lucas County, dogs have to be registered. Not only is it the law, but it can help reunite you and your pet if your four legged friend were to become lost.

LUCAS COUNTY, Ohio (WNWO) - Just as you want to get outside as the days turn warmer, so does your dog. Lucas County Canine Care and Control said the warmer activity often brings an increase in strays. They are reminding people to take action before your dog goes wandering.

“Take care of your dogs and don’t let them out of your sight,” said Richard Isaacs, a Lucas County resident and dog owner. “They are loyal to you, be loyal to them.”

Isaacs was moving homes and unable to bring his dog with. So, he decided to look into a temporary adoption.

“I gave somebody my dog as a trial run for adoption and now they are refusing to give the dog back,” said Isaacs.

Isaacs is at a loss. His dog was without a license or microchip, leaving no trail that the dog is his. In Lucas County, every dog is required to have a license.

“If a dog doesn’t have a microchip, doesn’t have a license and is running through the county, it is very hard to find out where the dog lives,” said Alex Schaefer, an officer with canine control.

That information allows the shelter to return stray dogs to their proper home if they go missing.

“That license will let us contact the owner if we pick up their dog,” said Schaefer.

If your dog doesn’t have proper documentation already, it will cost you.

"If the person comes in and says, 'Hey, I didn't get my tag by January 31st, I want to get it now,’ then they only have to pay that extra $25,” said Schaefer. “So, it's a $50 licensing fee."

However, if you don’t come forward and canine control comes to you, you can receive a citation. For Isaacs, without any registration, this is a dispute of property ownership. Lucas County Canine Care and Control said this type of issue would involve the police.

Isaacs said he has definitely learned his lesson the hard way.

“Definitely get a dog license…for sure get one,” said Isaacs.

Before you leave Lucas County Canine Care and Control, they require you to register your dog.

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