Lucas County Health Officials react to Ohio toddler flu death

    Health officials are stressing the importance of flu shots following a toddler death (

    Toledo, Ohio (WNWO)-- A toddler has died after contracting the flu.This happened in Highland County according to the Ohio Department of Health.

    Lucas county health officials says it's a grave reminder about the real need for flu shots.

    This flu season there have been 160 flu-related hospitalizations in lucas county, sixteen percent of those were pediatric.

    Doctors says to watch for warning signs including high temperatures.

    "102.5 or greater though in some cases," said Mercy Health nurse practitioner Erin Hill. She also cites lethargy or signs of discomfort or pain call for a trip to the emergency room.

    Health officials also say don't forget to wash your hands and stay home if you're sick.

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