Luna Pier begins clean up after flooding causes 150 to evacuate

Tom Gonzales and his family's kitchen was completely destroyed from flooding (WNWO).

Around 150 people were evacuated from their homes early Sunday morning, but thanks to the hard work of 10 firemen and other city officials, nobody was injured.

Its Allen Cove neighborhood was hit the hardest over the weekend, and now residents are beginning to re-enter their homes.

"I threw her over my shoulder, my wife, and a fireman carried and took her to the car," said Luna Pier Resident, Tom Gonzales.

Tom Gonzales and his family were among the people evacuated Sunday.

The lower level of his home had severe damage.

"It was surreal. It was something out of a bad movie, basically. We came home from a prior engagement that evening, and our street was covered with water, as it was, so we knew our house took on water."

Now that the water has gone down, it is time to cleanup.

"We've got some volunteers started. We're working on getting the street cleaned out. There's a lot of mess down there. There's a lot of people still cleaning up their homes. Just helping people clear out and anything that they need. We're working to get cleaning supplies to their homes, and things of that nature," said Assistant Fire Chief Derrick Welton.

Mayor Dave Davison has been in Luna Pier for more than forty years, and he knows the city will bounce back.

"The city has always risen to the occasion. The residents, the fire department, the police department, DPW, and the citizens themselves helping them out. I'm very proud of Luna Pier. We've always been known to be a community that helps each other in need."

The mayor told NBC 24 that a separate garbage container for Allen Cove only is being sent over for its residents.

If anyone in Luna Pier is in need of help, they are asked to contact the fire department.

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