Man caught abusing dog charged nearly two weeks after viral video in West Toledo

The man in this viral picture is to appear in court on Monday (WNWO).

Charges are now filed after a Toledo man was caught on camera abusing his dog.

After nearly two weeks, animal advocates have seen their questions answered.

"Finally, something is being done because there's lots of abuse cases that kind of stand there stale. This is not okay in our community and we're going to stand for justice for these animals," said Animal Advocate, Sarah Sharpe.

Sarah Sharpe has been a major contributor in the circulation of a viral picture. It shows 34-year-old Kashif Watkins abusing his dog on May 3rd.

After 12 days, charges have been filed against the West Toledo man.

This comes after Sharpe did her own investigation.

"I've interviewed neighbors, people that live right around that neighborhood that have viewed multiple incidents that happened with this man beating that dog. I've turned all the evidence over to the animal cruelty officers, the humane society and the police."

Court documents say he "cruelly beat his dog after the dog got loose and was running in the street." It also says he carried the dog by the back of its neck to his residence.

Sharpe helped organize protests outside the man's apartment last Friday.

"The neighbors felt like their voices weren't being heard. So we wanted to let those older people in that neighborhood know that 'hey, we're listening to you. We're here to stand up when things like this happen. You might be ignored, but we're not ignoring you and we'll be here. We'll protest.' That's why we protested right on those sidewalks right outside of that apartment building."

Now that charges are filed, and there is a court date, what does Sharpe want next?

She wants to make sure the dog is in a safe environment.

"Somebody knows where this dog is at. That's all we want. We don't want trouble for anybody. We just want the dog safe. That's it."

On the affidavit, it shows Watkins is being charged and is set to appear in court next Monday. This comes almost three weeks after the video was filmed.

The Toledo Area Humane Society was unable to be reached for comment.

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