Mason Consolidated Schools may have liaison police officer beginning next month

A liaison officer could be in Mason Consolidated Schools as early as April 9th (WNWO).

School leaders are looking for ways to make their buildings and the students inside safer.

Mason Consolidated School District is looking to add an officer on campus.

Superintendent Andrew Shaw has been adamant in not arming his teachers with weapons. By bringing in a liaison officer from the Erie Township Police Department, he believes it will help improve what is an already safe school.

"We want to get this person in the building, so the kids can meet him, and to really have us evaluated."

With a planning period in the works for more than a year between the Mason Consolidated School District and the Erie Township Police Department, a representative from the police could be placed inside the school right after spring break.

This would be the third addition to the school district to better the students mental and physical well being. Within the last two and a half years, they have hired an elementary social worker and a restorative justice coordinator.

"To bring in another person to be a part of our system and deal with our kids, it only adds to what we already do in trying to attend to our kids, both in the social and emotional end, and to make our students and parents feel safe," said Shaw.

It would not be the first time a liasion officer would be placed in the school district. Six years ago, they eliminated an officer that came in from the county.

The difference this time around is money. A county deputy would cost around $100,000, while a Erie Township officer would cost the school $42,000.

The first step will be at the Erie Township Council meeting Tuesday night. They will have two options: to approve the school liaison officer, or to approve the school liaison officer, while adding an additional officer to the police staff to cover during the school year.

"I feel it's safe, but I think a resource officer present in the halls and in the kids' view would help tremendously," said Parent Mary Kay Heck.

Police Chief Dean Ansel thinks the recent shooting in Florida has sped up the process, and maybe even saved it.

"If nothing good has come out of this Florida ordeal, this is a good thing that has come out of it because it's created the talks, it's created the negotiations and it's created this position."

If approved in council tomorrow night, the final approval will come from the school board next Monday. If a liaison officer is brought in, his first day will be April 9th inside Mason Consolidated Schools.

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