Maumee City Schools hosts discussion about safety

Maumee City Schools hosted several city and school leaders in hopes of educating the community on safety procedures (WNWO).

The safety of our youth. It's a conversation being had throughout our country. On Thursday night, Maumee City Schools was the site for it.

"What we've discovered is people want more information on our safety practices and protocols. As well, we wanted to share the partnerships that exist within the city of Maumee, and how strong that collaboration is between the city and the school district. If you're not in our schools every day, you might not be aware that that exists," said Superintendent Todd Cramer.

Maumee City Schools is not unfamiliar with facing dangerous situations in their schools. In late January, a 14-year-old student was arrested for making threats toward the school and St. John's High School.

According to the school, he's still behind bars.

Maumee Mayor Rich Carr believes a lot of the violence in kids comes from what they see on TV, in the movies and their video games.

"They have become desensitized to somebody shooting somebody else, and that's got to end. The quickest way to do that is, if you start boycotting the advertisers responsible to the programs and boycott the companies that produce the videos, it will change."

Thursday's presentation featured a PowerPoint, a video from the superintendent and police chief, and it ended with an interactive session between parents and community members. They came up with questions to ask, things they think the city and school district our doing correctly, and presented them to close the session.

Kim Barboza has two kids in the district. She believes administrators are going to do a lot more to help with safety, even though she feels her kids are already protected.

"My seventh grader feels very empowered. We talk about at home what he is going to do if there is a problem. 'Mom, I feel this way. If this is going to happen, I'm going to do this.' That makes me feel comfortable because he feels like he owns it."

Maumee announced it will take the questions written down tonight.. and post them to a FAQ page on the district website within the next week.

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