Group in Maumee rally in support of their friend

The group of Maumee moms have known each other for years.

MAUMEE, Ohio (WNWO) - A group of women in Maumee is making sure their friend has a community of support through her tough times.

Regan Cliff was diagnosed with cancer last November. Thursday night, her friends were wrapping, boxing, and putting together gift baskets for her. The baskets will be auctioned off in a fundraiser this Saturday.

They say it takes a village, and Maumee Resident Julie Koralewski and her friends are a pretty tight knit village.

“Right from the get go, we jumped in, decided we were going to do everything we could do to help her,” said Julie Koralewski.

Koralewski and Cliff have been friends since the first grade. From sharing a wedding anniversary to having kids within weeks of one another, the two have shared a lot over the years.

“She makes an impact on whoever she meets, she’s very compassionate,” said Koralewski.

So you can imagine the fear when Koralewski’s lifelong friend was diagnosed with an aggressive brain cancer.

“It started the week before Thanksgiving,” said Koralewski. “In her words, ‘It started with a headache’.”

Koralewski and the crew haven’t missed a beat since Cliff’s diagnosis.

“It’s finally time for somebody to support Regan. She has supported so many people over the years,” said Koralewski.

With a husband and three kids, Cliff’s family is doing everything to give their mom the best care. However, that care doesn’t come cheap. That’s where her friends stepped in with the baskets.

Cliff’s friends want to make sure their friend and her family can get the care that the family’s insurance won’t cover. While this is Cliff’s diagnosis, it’s a true testament to the power of friendship.

“It was like it happened to my biological sister, it was just as bad as if it were my biological sister,” said Koralewski.

The fundraiser will take place Saturday, May 12. It’s $15 at the door, cash only, and the fundraiser will go from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m.

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