Maumee native shines in first episode of "Making It!"

Jo Gick earned the Master Craft award in the first episode of "Making It!" (WNWO)

The first episode of "Making It!" aired this week on NBC 24, and one of the contestants may have looked very familiar.

Jo Gick graduated from Maumee High School in 1998 and now will be seen over the next few weeks standing next to Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman.

"There's a little bit more of a sense of community in Northwest Ohio than here, just because it's such a big city. So I do miss that, the mom and pop restaurants, and all that stuff."

Gick is currently residing in Chandler, Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix, and now Gick can be seen on NBC 24 every Tuesday night into September.

She's one of eight makers on the television show, "Making It!"

"It's funny. You can watch it with your kids. It's just a family show, and with all the controversy in the world right now, it's just a feel good show that I think everybody needs right now."

Gick is the co-owner of J & J Design Group, where she helps design residences and children's rooms.

She spent her time on set with the show's co-hosts, Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman.

"Working with Amy and Nick has been such a pleasure. They are both so down to earth and nice people. I really think that what they're doing, by bringing light to makers, people who really have a passion for making things with their hands, I think that's a very special thing and I think it's really fun to share that with the world."

The first episode aired this past Tuesday, and Jo's love for her original home showed in some of her work.

She earned the Master Craft award with her creation that featured her family and the state of Ohio.

Gick learned a lot throughout the taping process, too.

"I think it was really neat to see how the other makers would interpret the challenge, and make something so different than I did. That was very exciting to see all the different things everybody made."

You can catch Jo this Tuesday at 10 p.m on NBC 24.

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