Maybee woman missing, last seen at weekend Halloween party

An intense search is underway in Monroe County, Michigan for 22-year-old Chelsea Bruck, who was last seen at a Halloween party in Frenchtown Township Sunday morning.

FRENCHTOWN TOWNSHIP, Mich. -- It has been more than 48 hours since a 22-year-old Monroe County woman was last seen at a party.

Chelsea Bruck, of Maybee, Mich., was first reported missing Monday morning, one day after she was last seen at a Halloween party on Post Road in Newport. She attended the party with co-workers and got a ride with there with them as she does not have a driver's license.

Bruck's sister, Kassandra, says the disappearance is uncharacteristic of Chelsea. "It's not like anything she would do," Kassandra told NBC 24. "She even told my mom, 'I'm not staying long. I'll be back in a couple of hours.'"

Kassandra said there could have been as many as 800 people in attendance at the Halloween party where Chelsea was last seen. Party-goers have been working with authorities to give a timeline on when each last saw her.

Chelsea, who was dressed as "Poison Ivy" from the Batman series, has blond hair and green eyes. She has a small anchor tattoo behind her right ear. She is 5'7" tall and weighs 140 lbs. She was last seen wearing black yoga pants, green ivy leaves, and a dark-colored wig - all part of her Halloween costume.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Monroe County Sheriff's Office at 734-243-7070, 734-240-7000, or 734-240-7530.

Family and friends will hold a candle light prayer vigil Tuesday at 8 p.m. at Heck Park, 1095 N. Dixie Hwy in Frenchtown Township, Monroe.

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