Mayor calls for Federal Government to declare Lake Erie impaired


"The impairment question seems to continue to divide our community but we all want the same thing.Clean Rivers,a clean lake and safe drinking water," said Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson.

On Tuesday in two separate press conferences both Mayor Paula Hicks Hudson and the Lucas County Commissioners issued a call for the government to declare Lake Erie impaired.

"We thought that maybe in 2014 when 500 people went without drinking water for a few days that that would get federal attention, apparently it didn't," said Lucas County Commissioner Pete Gherkin.

In addition, the Mayor also renewed her requests for President Trump to sign an Executive Order to fix Lake Erie-- but not without backlash.

Lucas County treasurer and mayoral candidate Wade Kapszukiewic responded in a statement saying "I'm glad the Mayor has finally seen what has been clear to most of us for several years -- that our lake and river are facing a crisis"

Advocates for a clean Lake Erie sent an email saying the mayor hasn't acted fast enough.

Among many things, declaring the Lake impaired would allow the EPA to set regulation for the maximum amount of phosphorous that farmers could release.

Those failing to meet the requirements would face legal consequences.

"We're willing to work with partners but we need that government definition for a clean river and lake," said County Commissioner Tina Wozniak.

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