Mayor Hicks-Hudson reacts to losing mayoral race: The voters wanted change

Friends and supporters of the Hicks-Hudson campaign gather awaiting general election results.

Toledo, Ohio (WNWO)--

"One voter said that she saw progress and that she wanted some more improvement or change," said Hicks-Hudson speaking on Tuesday night after losing the mayoral race. "I think that's what the voters wanted and I think that's what they're going to get."

Just before 11:00 p.m. the Mayor gave a concession call to mayor elect Wade Kapszukiewicz's campaign team.

The voting results did start off with a lead for Hick-Hudson, but that 4% of Lucas County voters were made up mostly of early voters and absentee ballots.

When the total numbers started coming in Kapszukiewicz soon took the lead, at times by more than 6,000 votes. He kept that advantage throughout the night ending with a total 5,689 more votes.

Though the mood in the UAW Union 12 hall was somber, many members of the campaign showed positivity commending one another on the time and effort put into the campaign and Hicks-Hudson on her time in office.

"I think I'm leaving a city that is more fiscally transparent," said the mayor. "We have some ideas for being more efficient using 21st century data that was just beginning. I think we moved that ball farther."

For the rest of her time in office Hicks-Hudson said she plans to continue the working for the city, submitting a budget in just a few days.

Now she will serve her time out until January and then the new mayor will be sworn in.

Reporting Live Toi Creel NBC 24 News

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