Mayoral Candidate Profile: Paula-Hicks Hudson

Mayor Hicks Hudson speaks on reelection, city water, and plans for change (

Toledo, Ohio (WNWO)-- "I grew up in a family where you should be able to talk with a person on the street in the gutter the same way that you would talk with the President of the United states ," said Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson speaking of her upbringing.

She's fighting to keep her job as mayor of the city of Toledo and her fight is not over yet. She wants to see continued growth along with the 3 billion invested into the community and about 4,000 new jobs.The mayor plans to do that by focusing on creating jobs in the inner city areas to match the bustling downtown area.

"Most of our neighborhoods we have a commercial district and neighborhood district that has gotten boarded up but we can work to get those back."

The mayor also addressed the city's own budget issues after recent reports suggested the city could not account for millions of dollars.

" This 8.1 million dollars was never lost, it was never misplaced, it was never mishandled," said Hicks-Hudson. "What it was, was classified improperly and that classification started in the 90s ."

Though she faces backlash for money management - the democrat stands by the city's response and her own decision to bring in a state auditor as opposed to an external auditor in previous years.

She also stands by her initial resistance to declare Lake Erie impaired, saying she wanted the city to be united.

"The way that I believe we should go is with an executive order because that's the way the Chesapeake Bay situation was handled ."

Hicks-Hudson has already spent more than two years as mayor and she hopes on November 7th - voters keep her there.

"I hold this office as a trust, and it's not my office it's the city of Toledo's office ."

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