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Meet the mayoral hopefuls: Opal Covey

Opal Covey
Opal Covey
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Opal Covey sat down with NBC 24 to talk about her vision for the City of toledo if she were to be elected mayor in November.

Covey is running for the fifth time and feels she has been robbed of votes as part of what she believes to be ongoing corruption in city government.

"I've run four times, this will be my fifth," Covey said. "I won the election in 2013 - it might be a shock to you, but not to a lot of people because my votes have been stolen ever since I've been running."

When asked why she chose to run for the seat in 2015, Covey responded, "God sent me to look upon Toledo. I went through everything the citizens went through. Now, 38 years later I know the city up one side and down the other and I'm here to be mayor of Toledo."

Like many mayoral candidates, Covey says potholes are a problem in the city. Opal has become known for her desire to fill Toledo with tourist attractions like amusement parks.

Prior to the conclusion of the interview Covey was asked if there was anything else she would like to add. After pausing, Covey said, "great destruction will come upon..." and began to speak in tongues, followed by, "Thank you, Jesus. That was a confirmation, if people don't give me what I earned in 2013 back, and I'm not on that seat in November, then you'll see God visit the city in the greatest destruction you've ever seen."


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NBC 24 has extended an invitation to Carty Finkbeiner to participate in the mayoral candidate profile series. After Mr. Finkbeiner canceled his scheduled interview with NBC 24, the station is working to re-schedule an interview with the candidate.



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