Mercy Health Security working around the clock for staff and patient safety

Mercy St. Vincent's Medical Center (

Toledo, Oh. (WNWO)-- Each year Mercy Health Saint Vincent Medical center sees about 67,00 patients.

2400 of those patients have some sort of trauma and 10% of those incidents are violent.

"Gunshots or knife stab wounds," said Dr. John Leskovan Trauma Medical Director. He treats those patients.

"My goal is to get them from really sick to better,"said Leskovan.

While his focus is centered around saving lives and not necessarily the way they arrived to the hospital, he's not naive as to how his patients arrive at the hospital.

On Tuesday morning a shooting victim - was driven to the hospital by a friend. St Vincent's says it's a situation that's not uncommon.

"If there is a gunshot that occurs in the community TPD are obviously investigating that gunshot we take care of the hospital so when that patient arrives to make sure nobody is able to arrive and come looking for them," said Peter D'Amore is the chief of Police and Emergency Management Director.

St V's has it's own Police Department with 46 officers on staff split between the entire region.

"We have everything from access controls to surveillance cameras, to officers on the ground and protocols," said D'Amore.

When trauma patients come to the ER, that area is immediately put on lockdown. Officers also deal with internal issues, ranging from crime to family disputes.

"Hospitals are typically known as a place where emotions run high."

While hospital staff works around the clock to save lives, Police are also working to make sure patients and staff are protected.

"We want to make sure that not only our staff is safe but also our patients because we don't know the circumstances and the surroundings," said Leskovan.

Interested in applying for a spot on the Mercy Team. Check out their website.

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