Metroparks programs impacted by Toledo's snow-less winter

    The Metroparks snowless winter (

    Toledo, Ohio (WNWO)-- A mild winter has left metropark areas normally catered to snow filled-fun, not as slippery.

    "We have three sledding hills and some ponds for skating and lots of miles on the trail, just waiting for snow so people can start going out and enjoying winter fun," said Scott Carpenter, Spokesman for MEtroparks Toledo.

    in addition, Carpenter says the fairly warm temperatures have also impacted some construction and maintenance tasks.

    "We do some work in the trees in the forest in the winter and we count on frozen ground so that we don't damage. That's been frustrating too because we try and build a treehouse at Oakopens and it's real almost soupy," said Carpenter.

    Though not modeling a traditional winter season, the Spokesmand says the lack of snow hasn't stopped the community from paying the parks a visit.

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