Michigan Proposal 1 drawing opposition from Lenawee County law enforcement

Michigan will vote on whether or not to legalize recreational marijuana on Tuesday (WNWO).

In six days, voters in Michigan will decide whether to legalize recreational marijuana.

73 of the state's 83 county sheriffs, including Lenawee county Sheriff Jack Welsh, made a public statement to support Healthy and Productive Michigan's effort to vote down Proposal 1.

Michigan could become the 10th state to legalize recreational marijuana if voters approve Proposal 1 on Tuesday.

North Dakota will also vote on recreational marijuana.

In Michigan, "The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol" says the state has learned from others who've already approved it.

"We've been able to incorporate those lessons and have a very sensible, straightforward policy that will help be a model for the rest of the country moving forward," said Spokesman Josh Hovey.

Proponents believe it would raise tax revenue, while regulating the drug and making it legal.

Organizations like Healthy and Productive Michigan are trying to stop it.

"We believe it's very similar to what big tobacco did, saying it's legal for adults and it's cool for adults. It creates a whole generation looking up to this generation, saying 'well, I guess drugs are okay," said Spokesman Randy Richardville.

Locally, Madison Township, Morenci and Adrian have all approved medical marijuana facilities to be able to come into their communities.

Lenawee County Sheriff Jack Welsh has been a vocal opponent to Proposal 1. He added his name to the list of 88% of Michigan sheriffs saying no to legalization.

"My goal is to get people to educate themselves before they go to the polls next Tuesday on the subject."

Adrian Police Chief Vince Emrick stands with Welsh. He believes it would be a step backward for Michigan.

"I think it puts our young people at risk. I think there's some consequences that maybe people aren't aware of in other areas that they have already enacted this."

The city of Monroe is holding a public hearing next Monday and voting whether or not to allow marijuana facilities inside its limits.

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