Michigan to now have recreational marijuana after Proposal One passes

Marijuana is now legal for recreational use in Michigan (WNWO).

With key issues on the ballot like Proposal 18-1, voters fled to the polls in Lenawee County earlier Tuesday.

“Definitely, we expected a larger voter turnout and its occurring throughout the county, I think throughout the state. Lots of voters in line, so it’s going to be a late night for us, but that’s okay," said Lenawee County Clerk, Roxann Holloway.

With the Merchant’s Building on the Lenawee County Fairgrounds being the sole place for Adrian residents to vote, poll workers say people were there before the polls opened, as early as 6:45 in the morning.

Margaret Dickerson, Precinct 6 Chair says, “They were here waiting. A lot of people do it on their way to work, and they think it’s going to be an easy in, easy out, but it was busy.”

The largest vote for Michigan was Proposal One.

Now approved, the state will join nine states in the legalization of recreational marijuana, along with Washington D.C.

It will be alright to smoke marijuana for people 21 years or older, and any person could have 2.5 ounces in their possession, or 10 ounces inside their home.

One Adrian voter, and former mayor, said that was one reason he came to vote Tuesday.

“Well, we have the marijuana issue, which is very big with people. The gerrymandering issue is another one."

Each municipality has the option to not allow marijuana facilities inside their communities.

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