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Health professionals say moderation is key for a healthier lifestyle

You should have a glass of water for every non-water drink you have in a day.

TOLEDO, Ohio (WNWO) - March is National Nutrition Month, and diet and lifestyle choices can play a big role in chronic conditions.

“Obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, those are the most common,” said Dr. Tanya Baldwin, with Mercy Health.

While each person is different, what you eat and how often you’re on your feet is key to a healthier life.

“A male adult should be doing about 2,000 calories and a female can probably get away with around 1,800 calories a day,” said Dr. Baldwin.

It starts first thing in the morning.

“It could be a granola bar or piece of fruit,” said Dr. Baldwin. “You need something for the morning to start the day and get your metabolism going.”

Following breakfast, you have to keep the momentum going throughout the day.

“Half should come in the form of proteins, lean proteins, healthy things like that and split the other half between carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables,” said Dr. Baldwin.

Unfortunately, dessert doesn’t work the same way. Dessert portions should fit in the palm of your hand.

Dr. Baldwin said one of the most important rules is to not wait until you get hungry, “Eat something every two to three hours, don’t go hours without eating.”

You shouldn’t have dessert every day, but you can indulge once in a while.

“You’re getting all of those food categories done in one shake,” said James Adams, Co-Owner of NutriToledo.

Spots like NutriToledo have found a way to combine tasty treats into a healthy shake.

“We have plant and whey mix because everyone reacts differently,” said Adams. “You’re going to receive two scoops of formula one, our flavor, the meal replacement, one or two scoops of protein shake mix.”

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t rely on just food; exercise is an important factor as well.

“Change things up to keep your body and muscles on top of it, you want to shock your body into changes so you don’t become complacent,” said Dr. Baldwin.

Dr. Baldwin adds that if you aren’t one to work out, pick a small place to start and increase it each week. This could be something as little as a walk or taking the stairs more often.

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