Monroe, Michigan police warning public to telephone scam

Monroe police urges the public to use caution on the phone

The Monroe, Michigan police is urging the public to use caution with whom you speak with on the phone.

The Monroe Police Department has received multiple calls regarding a telephone scam.

Police say the caller represents themselves as being from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office – civil division.

These calls are part of a police warrant type of scam in which the victim is told they have to send payments for various fees, fines and other costs to avoid arrest or other penalty.

This type of scam is similar to the advance fee scam which is centered on convincing the victim they have won a large amount of money or an investment opportunity where they are guaranteed to make a large amount of money.

The victim is then told that they have to pay some sort of fee before they can collect their winnings.

Police add the caller is attempting to convince the victims they had a warrant out for their arrest and they needed to make a payment to avoid being arrested.

The victims were instructed to use various gift cards or pre-paid credit cards to make these payments.

The public needs to be aware the Monroe City Police Department and the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office WILL NOT:

1. Call to notify anyone of an arrest warrant – this is typically done through mailings or other methods.

2. Ask for payment to avoid arrest – if a bond amount is set, it can be posted after the arrest.

3. Accept gift cards or pre-paid credit cards as payment for bond or any other police matter.

For More Information Contact:

Captain John Wall

Public Information Officer

Business (734) 243-7500 / Fax (734) 243-7512

No one appears to have fallen victim to the scam although the police department has fielded several similar complaints.

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