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Motion for Hickey to resign

School board discussing decision on Hickey.

TOLEDO, Ohio (WNWO) -After months of backlash, the board of education for Washington Local Schools is asking newly elected member Patrick Hickey to step down.

"I am so glad that this is what they came to," said Sue Wolfinger, who lives in the school district.

Michigan State police have reopened an investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct against Hickey.

"Let the police do their end, we need to do ours, and this is the first step,” said Chris Weills, who also lives in the school district.

Board members said Hickey was not able to attend the Thursday night meeting because he had a prior commitment. NBC 24 has also reached out to Hickey and have not received a response.

"The decision was we would ask for his resignation and ask him to leave the board," said Board President Thomas Ilstrup.

Hickey was superintendent of the district in 2015. When allegations of sexual misconduct came out, he resigned.

"He then sought elected office, and was elected to board of education in last election in November," said Ilstrup.

The topic of his resignation from school board has been a conversation ever since.

"Pat is dragging everything down, everything is focused on him,” said Wolfinger. “I know he likes that, but the rest of us don’t."

Parents, community members and fellow teachers were all at the meeting.

"It's what Washington local needed," said Wolfinger.

While some were in support of Hickey, board members said it was taking away from their main goal and focus.

"There’s been so much distraction with his issues, with the charges that are currently, look like they are going to be filed, the investigation up in Lenawee County," said Ilstrup.

The discussion surrounding Hickey has impacted the school, but also, those across town.

"It's divided the community, I lost a very good friend over it. She supported him, I did not," said Wolfinger.

While it may have taken more time than some would've liked, many are happy with the end result

"He’s got to take his lump of coal and go on into the sunset, wherever that may take him," said Weills.

Ilstrup said the board has no authority to remove or discipline Hickey for anything that has happened outside board room, it's in his hands now. But, if he disagreed with the motion it would make for a contentious situation.

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