Mr. Hockey, Gordie Howe, dies at the age of 88

Gordie Howe, considered one of the greatest professional hockey players of all time, died Friday morning. (AP)

TOLEDO, Oh. (WNWO) -- 'Mr. Hockey' has died at the age of 88, according to the Detroit Red Wings.

Gordie Howe, considered one of the greatest professional hockey players of all time, died Friday morning at his daughter's Ohio home.

Details of his death and final days have not been released.

After suffering a stroke in 2014, Howe participated in a clinical trial utilizing Stemedica's stem cell products which resulted in significant improvement of his medical condition as reported by his family.

Just one month ago, Howe and his family teamed up with ProMedica in Toledo to launch a human stem cell trial for traumatic brain injuries.

We are saddened to hear about the passing of Gordie Howe, a larger than life legend in hockey who dedicated his last days to supporting clinical research to help find a solution to traumatic brain injury through the Gordie Howe Initiative. Outside of the hockey rink, Gordie was a life-long advocate of healthy lifestyles and physical activity, and recently received the Vern Seefeldt Lifetime Achievement Award from the Michigan Governor's Council of Physical Fitness, Health and Sports, and the Michigan Fitness Foundation. He was an inspiration to us all as an innovator in hockey and as a leader in finding innovative treatments for devastating neurological conditions like traumatic brain injury.
ProMedica has been honored to have partnered with Gordie on multiple projects through the years including the Gordie Howe Initiative. Our thoughts are with the Howe family at this time.

Howe's famed hockey career spanned five decades, including winning the Stanley Cup four times with the Detroit Red Wings. His son, Murray Howe, MD, is a physician with ProMedica in the Toledo-area, where Howe spent a majority of his time.

Detroit Red Wings general manager Ken Holland told the Associated Press that Howe was the greatest Red Wing of all time and may have been greatest player in NHL history. "He was one of the greatest players, if not the greatest, in the history of the National Hockey League and the greatest Red Wing of all time," Holland said. "He was a big power forward, one of the biggest players of his time, with as much skill and toughness as anybody who ever played. As a human being, he was incredible. He loved to be around people and to make them laugh. He was an incredible ambassador for the sport. This is a sad day for hockey."

(The Associated Press contributed to this article.)

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