Murder trial begins as Sierah Joughin's boyfriend, mother take the stand

Witnesses give their testimonies during Day 1 of the Sierah Joughin murder trial (

WAUSEON, OHIO (WNWO)-- After a jury of 12, along with six alternates was seated, the murder trial of Sierah Joughin began with opening statements.

"That man sitting right there kidnapped, murdered, and buried Sierah Joughin," said Scott A. Haselman, the Fulton County prosecutor pointing to James Worley, the man accused of killing Joughin back in July 2016.

During the statements more details were revealed about the timeline leading up to Joughin's death. This included Joughin's blood being found in the cornfield, along with clothing and an adult diaper discovered on her body. Duplicate items were discovered found on a barn on Worley's property.

The first witness to take the stand, Joughin's boyfriend, believed to be the last known person to see her alive and well. Kolasinski described he and Joughin riding together, he on his motorcycle and her on her bike, when he left

"She told me she didn't need me by her side," said Kolasinski. " I gave her a kiss and we parted ways."

During the beginning of his testimony the 22-year-old teared up, momentarily unable to speak as he recalled the details of when he last saw his girlfriend alive. The Prosecution playing a video of the two took during their last moments together.

Joughin was headed to her grandparents house where she lived, but never arrived.

Kolasinski sent a follow up text asking if she'd made it home. After no reply, he called her mother Sheila, who also noticed something off about that night.

Joughin was reported missing and the next day investigators, in canvassing the area, were led to Worley's house. The Prosecution says Worley is guilty of the crime because of his proximity to the case. They place Worley at the scene where Joughin's bike and body were found, also noting the items found in a a barn on his property.

"She was found wearing white tube socks, like the ones that are found in the crate in the north barn, she's wearing an adult diaper that matches the adult diaper like the ones that were found in a crate in the north barn, " said Haselman.

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