NBC 24 partners with Educational Service Center for distracted driving awareness campaign

Stay Alive! don't TXT & drive sign in the NBC 24 parking lot

TOLEDO - NBC 24 is partnering with the Educational Service Center of Lake Erie West for a new awareness campaign aimed at eliminating distracted driving.

You can see signs with the message Stay Alive, Don't Text and Drive in the NBC 24 parking lot, as well as other places around town.

"If we are doing something that promotes staying alive then we definitely want to make sure that we are out in the public and bringing that education and that awareness to remind people that their lives are something to think about," said Jamie Blazavich, the traffic safety program director.

The program is being funded through a grant aimed at making the roads safer.

"We are really bringing focus to distracted driving with the vacation season coming up, with all of us driving. We do want to keep in touch with our loved ones and it seems that's how we keep in touch in today's world is by texting."

Jamie says it helps to put your phone away as soon as you get into your car. Also, make sure you put your seat belt on and get rid of any other distractions while driving.

"Those lives can be saved when you put down your phone and tell your kids when you're phone goes off, it can wait because you are much more important to me than anything that comes across on that phone."

If you are interested in learning more about the signs, call Jamie at (419) 698-4049 or email jblazevich@esclakeeriewest.org.

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