Neighbors come together after Seneca Co. house fire

Aftermath of deadly house fire in Seneca Co. (WNWO/Marcus Espinoza)

For many in Fostoria and surrounding areas, Thursday's fire that took the life of a family of 5 is still hard to come to grips with.

Bascom Fire Chief Mark DeVault says each deadly fire is tough, but when you know the person, it makes it nearly unbareable.

19-year-old Austin Rainey was two weeks away from taking his test to become a Bascom Volunteer Firefighter, something Chief DeVault says it's all Rainey has ever wanted to do.

"It's a little tougher. A lot tougher actually. It's tough for anything but when you know em' it makes it tough," said Chief Mark DeVault

Rick Ward and Cliff Young have lived just around the corner for more than 50 combined years as neighbors.

Authorities say that the 9-1-1 called placed just before 4 a.m. was done so by the young girl in the family.

For Ward, he can't imagine how he would handle that call.

"If that had been me on the other end of the phone and hearing that...that would have been tough to take. To just hear nothing...and that poor little girl there all by herself," said Ward.

The names and ages of the other four family members have not yet been released and State Fire Marshall's have taken over investigation of the case to determine the cause of the fire.

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