Neighbors respond to proposed Lucas County jail site

The new location for the proposed jail site (

TOLEDO, OH (WNWO)- For more than 30 years the Lucas County jail has held its place downtown.

Sheriff John Tharp says it's time for a new one.

"The roofs are leaking, pipes are breaking,sewage is coming through," said Tharp.

While many can agree the jail needs a new location.

The questions is "where"? This is the issue causing all the trouble..

"Horrible there's too many children in these neighborhoods alone, including my own, I just don't want it there," said Danielle Priore.

On Thursday she received a letter detailing Lucas County commissioner' s plan for a new jail location. It's planned for the 5700 block of North Detroit Avenue near Alexis road.

"We have been working with our staff to identify and evaluate locations for a few facilities," said Priore reading the letter. "Apparently that's the one they want."

Sheriff Tharp ensures residents the 25 acres will have top level security and enough space for the hundreds of inmates.

Some tell NBC 24 they hope a new jail comes with other improvements such as roads and infrastructure.

Tremaine Scott who lives in a neighborhood close by says he doesn't mind either way

"People just going to have to deal with it long as I ain't in it."

The new jail isn't there yet, but before it's built officials say they want residents to hear them out and share their opinions.

"We want to share with them exactly what it will look like, answer any questions they may have and reduce them having any concerns about the jail," said Sheriff Tharp.

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