New cellphone tower has some residents concerned


WHITEHOUSE, OH (WNWO) - A meeting is being held tomorrow for the Village of Whitehouse to discuss the installation of a possible new cell tower.

The new structure would be placed in Sandra Park, but not all the surrounding neighbors are happy about the proposition. Residents say they are concerned about the potential radiation from the tower being harmful to the surrounding residents. They site a study on a similar tower in Europe that was said to cause nearby cows to stop producing milk.

Heather Vanderpol, a concerned citizen, shared, “I don’t know all the answers. I don’t even know all the right questions to ask. But I do know that that information is enough to warrant more questions and more investigations.”

They add the proposed location is less than a block from Fallen Timbers Middle School.

However, others say there is no concrete evidence that cell towers pose any threat to humans or animals. They add that there are already two other cell towers in town.

Bill May, President of Village Council, said, “it’s nothing new to us. It’s nothing new really to most residents. It’s just a situation of letting everybody know what it is. Where it’s going to be. How, if it’s going to impact anybody, we’ll let them know. Which at this point in time, I don’t see that there’s any impact at all.”

The reason Verizon wants to build the tower is to increase their service capacity. The phone company will pay Whitehouse over a 1,000 dollars each month for the cite which will then go to the city’s general fund.

The public hearing will take place Tuesday, September 5th, at 6:40 PM at the village hall.

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