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New program hopes to help families pay water bills

New program in the works for TAWA.

TOLEDO, Ohio (WNWO) - The Toledo Area Water Authority is working to make sure everyone has access to water by creating a new regional water authority.

The group is working to provide a program that helps low income families pay their bills. It's a work in progress between all nine suburban communities that TAWA supplies.

The program will help keep your water bill from going up, which has been a trend over the past few years.

“The income assistance program would be about 1% of system revenues, there's about $70 million in revenue, which equates to about $700,000 a year. That would be a part of all the rate payers in the system, to help fund that system,” said Brian Dicken, with Toledo Area Water Authority.

Right now council members are reviewing plans and hope to file a petition with the courts in March.

There have been public meetings regarding TAWA, which will continue.

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