Nine year-old's personal experience with gun violence inspires mural

The mural has been added to for over a year (

TOLEDO, OHIO (WNWO)-- After his uncle was shot,a little boy in Toledo took action and wrote letter to the mayor. Now his actions have inspired a mural.

Last year 9-year-old Jamarr Dread wrote a letter to the mayor asking what he could do to help. He also created a "stop the violence" drawing and even got his classmates involved at the Old West End Academy.

The project was spearhead by Artists David Ross via the then Youth commission, Toledo Police and the Arts Commission of Greater Toledo,

"What we did was try to amplify his voice, let him be heard in the community," said Ross.

Dread along with other kids in the community got to put their hand prints on the wall and become a part of the mural.

The project is part of the art commissions creative place making projects, putting art in the community to create social change.

" I want them to think that they need to spread the word to stop gun violence," said Dread of the mural.

"If a person is doing what's right, the kids are the most important thing, so it starts with change in the kids and the environment around them will change," said Ross.

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