Ohio EPA hosts informational meeting on Envirosafe changes

The Ohio EPA hosted an informational meeting about proposed changes coming to the Envirosafe facility in Oregon (WNWO).

Envirosafe in Oregon is making some changes to its hazardous waste site, off Otter Creek Road.

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency wanted to make sure the public knew everything coming to the area.

"We're excited to hear what people had to say. Envirosafe did a site wide investigation for any potential issues, and what's being proposed to night are some corrective actions that will prevent issues and some ground water monitoring that may detect any issues that may arise," said Dina Pierce.

The meeting began with a presentation on the proposed changes, that include leachate management, which is the water coming from in the landfill. They want to keep it off site.

That came along with a question and answer session with the audience.

The public was invited to go on the record during a public hearing, but no one did.

Dina Pierce with the Ohio EPA said the repairs are normal landfill modifications.

"Repairing and improving the cap over the landfill, which is sort of a clay layer and some liner. That will help to keep storm water from penetrating into the landfill and creating more liquid because that liquid can run out, so we want to intercept that."

Oregon City Council member Sandy Bihn has spent years working with the facility.

"We don't have any reports of anything leeching out of this facility beyond property lines, which is a good thing. That is what we hoped for. This facility will be here forever. It's got millions and millions of tons of hazardous waste from everywhere in this country. It needs to have monitoring and perpetuity in order."

If anyone still has a question on the proposed modifications, you can submit them until February 23rd. Once the EPA gathers all the information it receives, they can decide whether or not to move forward with the proposed changes.

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