Ohio prepares for more people seeking healthcare

Expect to see more people signing up for healthcare in December.

For Ohioans seeking to get insured under the federal health care law, October was homework month and November was for browsing plans.

Expect to see more action in December. That's what groups who are helping residents get covered say. They are bracing for more people to enroll before next year.

The head of the Ohio Association of Foodbanks says people typically have three to five meetings with the organization's counselors before they feel comfortable picking a health plan in the new marketplace.

Affordable Care Act FAQs

Consumers have until the end of March to choose a plan to avoid tax penalties under the law, but they must sign up by Dec. 23 if they want coverage by Jan. 1.

More than 1.5 million Ohio residents lack insurance. That's about 14 percent.

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