Ohio second in nation in overdose deaths, lucas county experts not surprised

    Dr. Robert Forneys speaks on recent observations (courtesy:nbc24.com).

    Lucas County, Ohio (WNWO)-- The center for disease control showed more than 70,000 people died from an overdose in 2017.

    That's up ten percent from the year before. In Ohio, there's an average 14 deaths per day. It's a tragedy many clients of the Talbot Rehab Center in East Toledo experience on a daily basis.

    " I chatted with a woman yesterday her brother was 60 years old and died of a fentanyl overdose," said Randall Lafond, director of the Talbot Center.

    Though addiction impacts anyone and everyone, most recently the coroner’s office has seen a small change. Majority of the time most of the overdose have occurred in males, but Dr. Forney, chief toxicologist has noticed more women dying.

    "In the last two months, the women are more like 75 percent of the deaths," said Dr.Forney.

    Forney says it's too early to make a conclusion from those numbers, but helping women with addiction is something the Talbot Center has already planned on tackling.

    They're planning on renovations to add on residential housing focusing on women addicts who are also sex trafficking victims. Sober support is one of the key things in overcoming addiction Lafond told NBC 24.

    Along with better methods of treatment Forney also looks at not why people are dying but what is killing them.

    "Most of the deaths that we see have multiple drugs and there will be marijuana in the majority of them: cocaine and methamphetamine also,” said Dr. Forney.

    He's stresses educating young people on avoiding gateway drugs like marijuana. As far as how treatment centers know they're effort is working: they look at the success stories. They estimate one of every five people that comes to the center stays in long term treatment.

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