One wounded, homes damaged during daytime shooting in the Old West End

    Jason Mack shows TPD officers where the bullets hit his home on Boston Place (WNWO).

    TOLEDO, Ohio (WNWO) -- Toledo Police are investigating after a man was shot Friday morning in the Old West End.

    Police say more than 15 shots were fired, some of them going into nearby houses.

    Jason Mack was at home getting ready to attend his nephews funeral when the already somber day turned violent.

    "I looked out the window and I saw someone sitting in the front yard, standing there and then a car pulled up and just started shooting," said Mack. "The guys got out and started shooting, they said drop down on him and started shooting at this man and he ran through my backyard."

    It happened around 9:00 a.m. in the 300 block of Boston Place.

    Over 15 shots were fired from multiple suspects that got out of a vehicle, all aimed at one victim.

    "A male shot we believe in the foot," said Lt. Kellie Lenhardt, Toledo Police Department spokesperson. "He was transported to the hospital where he is being treated for non-life threatening injuries.

    Mack runs a barber shop out of his home, but Friday bullets ripped a hole in his barber chair and jacket. He says that normally he is downstairs at that time, cleaning up his home business, but Friday, he's thankful he wasn't.

    "I just thank God that, you know, I was upstairs at the time. I wish I could have gotten downstairs and opened up the door but then again I probably would have been injured also," said Mack.

    And he has a message for the perpetrators.

    "Y'all need to get y'all stuff together, stay off these streets man, get off these drugs. Stop thinking that you're a drug dealer and a gangster, because the only place that you're going to end up is in the ground," said Mack.

    TPD is still investigating. As of Friday night, no suspects had been arrested.

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