Operation Evergreen sending Troops Christmas Trees

Veterans, family and friends gather to pick out trees for active military overseas.

Mt. Cory, Ohio (WNWO)-- What started as a family farm has now turned into a profitable business. Not only is Kaleidoscope Christmas tree farms bringing Holiday cheer, but they're also giving back to those who've served our country.

"It started with some Christmas tree farmers just wanting to send some Christmas trees to their children that were stationed overseas," sat Mat Reese, one of the many co-owners of the farm. His parents started the farm. He's the oldest of four boys.

For the last several years Kaleidoscope has participated in Operation Evergreen, a national program started back in 1995.

They ship Christmas trees to to active military men and women who are deployed overseas.

Kaleidoscope provides the 150 trees and through donations they're able to pay the 16 thousand dollar shipping price tag.

Hand made ornaments willalso decorate the trees, created by local school kids from various elementary schools.

"Those students then get to learn about veterans and why we celebrate Veterans day and the process," said Reese.

Not forgetting about those at home, veterans were also honored Sunday at the farm with a special ceremony.

Four year vet Dan Ludwig says, it's an honor to hand pick the donated trees.

"I never served overseas but in boot camp it was always really nice to get mementos from home, you know, letters, cards anything," said Ludwig.

Though harvesting the pines is a tough job, Kalediascope farmers say the letters they receive make it all worth it.

"What's so nice about this is we get to hear back from the veterans and they really do appreciate it and they really do express gratitude and that makes us feel good to be part of something like that, " said Reese.

For more information on How to donate or how you can get your hands on your own Christmas tree you can visit their website.

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