Oregon Police talk taking the defense in active shooter situation

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OREGON, OHIO (WNWO)-- James Shaw Jr. used his bare hands to wrestle a gun away from a man that walked into a Nashville Waffle House and opened fire.

While Shaw’s bravery is to be applauded, there are other ways you can take the defense in an active shooter situation.

"It’s an individual decision like what we saw with this young man in Nashville because of his proximity to that danger and the threat he chose to do what we call counter attack," said Sergeant Antonio Castillo with the Oregon Police Department.

In an interview Shaw described when grabbing the rifle he pointed it upwards, which Castillo says is important. If you do have to grab a firearm, point it up to avoid shooting someone. This type of counter attack is the final phase in an active shooter situation; along with running and taking cover under bricks and mortar or a hard surface that can withstand bullet.

Castillo also reminds people to practice situational awareness and observe the room and use anything you can to create a distraction.

If someone's shooting at you, pitch whatever is nearest to you right at them.

"If you're in a waffle house, what do you have around you, you have plates of food, you have dispensers that hold sugar packets, jellies...," said Castillo.

Although you can guess what you might do in an emergency,there's no way to know for sure.

And while you can'y to run from bullets, law enforcement says you can do your best to avoid being a sitting duck.

"We can as citizens dramatically change the outcome of these. We just have to think about it and have a plan and if at all possible go through some type of training," said Castillo.

ALICE training is now being offered for individuals and families for $24.99. For more information you can visit the ALICE website.

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