Organization needs money to build dog park

    A local group now was given the green light to build Toledo's first dog park in late 2013. But there's a problem, there's no money to fund it.

    T oledo Unleashed, the organization behind the project says it's going to take at least $35,000 dollars to make the park a reality. Currently, only $5,000 dollars has been raised.

    The organization wants to develop 4.3 acres of land near Woodsdale park. Toledo Unleashed president Tina Yoppolo says the plan includes constructing separate areas for small and large dogs.

    O n the organization's Facebook page, Yoppolo updated people interested on the parks progress to inform them a lease to develop the land has been signed and contractors are ready to go.

    " W e get emails and calls and communication from people daily, 'When is this park going to open? We really want this park!' Our Facebook page is active with 1,000 members, so the desire is here, the need is here, the money is not here," explains Yoppolo.

    Y oppolo says Toledo Unleashed doesn't have the money to pay for water lines and electricity which will supply power to outlets and a swipe card machine on the fences.

    T he organization says they are considering several fundraising options. One of them is a celebrity weigh-in during the fall. The other is online fundraising . To donate visit the site by clicking here,

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