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Ottawa Hills continues defying the odds and is playing for state birth

Ottawa Hills plays for a state birth on Thursday (WNWO).

Riding a 14 game winning streak, Ottawa Hills is looking for a state lacrosse birth.

Because there are only two divisions in Ohio lacrosse, the Green Bears are having to play schools with a much large enrollment than their 123 boys.

That didn't stop them from beating Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy on Monday to advance to the Regional Finals.

They play Rocky River Thursday at 6 p.m. at Oberlin College.

"We've all been really close together. You know, we go out to dinner sometimes. We go out to lunch sometimes. We've all been playing with each other since third or fourth grade, so we're all really close. Ottawa hills is a really tight knit community. We feel like it's more of a brotherhood, and not just a team," said Senior Adam Simon.

With a win Thursday, Ottawa Hills would advance to the state semifinals. Rocky River is the same team to knock them out last season.

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