Parent files police report for bullying at East Broadway Elementary school

East Broad Elementary School parent Aaron Collins says he's concerned about bullying happening at East Broad Elementary School.

TOLEDO, OHIO (WNWO)-- East Broadway Elementary School parent Aaron Collins says he's concerned about alleged bullying happening at East Broadway Elementary School, a Toledo Public School. He says in a series of incidents starting last December his fourth grader has experienced verbal and physical threats.

"It worries me because kids her age and younger have killed themselves," said Collins.

He filed a police report last December and said the school said they took care of it when the student moved . However, Collins says the bullying has continued and on Tuesday he filed another report.

"Five kids, four of them at one time, one slapped her a couple times, sit on her desk, called her a cracker and other racially charged times," said Collins describing what happened during the alleged incedent.

According to the Toledo Public Schools code of conduct,a physical assault is a mandatory expulsion. The father of three is upset because he feels teachers aren't holding kids accountable.For parents in his situation, he has some advice.

"Documentation is key because if you say 'hey my kids getting picked on all year, well they're going to say this is the first time we're hearing about it.'"

Collin knows first hand the impact of bullying, since he was actually a bully himself, though he says he's apologized and since made up with former classmates,

He just wants to make sure history doesn't repeat itself.

" As a parent that now has kids getting bullied i see what these parents went through."

TPS issued a statement saying in part "We do not condone any form of bullying." The District says they encourage parents and kids to report questionable incidents. They also have anti-bullying efforts and resources available via their website.

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