Patrick Hickey attends first school board meeting amidst school ban

Patrick Hickey Takes notes during school board meeting (courtesy:NBC24 news).

TOLEDO, OH.(WNWO)-- For the first time since being elected as a Washington Local School Board member, Patrick Hickey was allowed to attend a board meeting. But not without many speaking up about it.

"It strongly appears that you have abused the position of trust and in doing so became an abomination and embarrassment to teachers and administrators," said one man.

The meeting opened up with 3 minute public commentary. Several spoke out against Hickey. Including teachers, residents, some from school districts where Hickey was accused of inappropriate behavior.

The former Washington Local superintendent resigned after facing sexual misconduct accusations. Hickey is currently banned from school property, but the board voted to move the meeting out of the administration building on school grounds to allow Hickey to attend. Much of the commentary was geared towards hickey, several also delivered criticism to board members, on woman commenting on a board member's vote.

"You did that, Yea you did. We all saw you vote for it!"

A former school board member also spoke out, questioning how Hickey was allowed to attend the meeting despite the ban, but encouraging the board to focus on the students.

Though several comments the meeting continued as scheduled in the agenda. For nearly 45 minutes, at the Conn Weissenberger American Legion, members of the community spoke out and even called on Hickey to step down.

Hickey telling NBC 24 this about the beginning commentary: "I respect their right to say all of the things they said, I won't be responding to them but I stand on my record in the 30 years I've had as an educator and my success as an educator ," said Hickey.

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