Patrick Hickey remains banned from school grounds after Washington Local waiver vote fails

A temporary waiver to allow Patrick Hickey to attend a January board meeting failed, 3-2 (WNWO).

Voters elected him to the Washington Local Schools board in November, but tonight Patrick Hickey is still banned from school property.

"I kind of thought it would probably go down, as far as lifting the ban. I actually thought they would allow us to do the board meeting off property. I thought that was going to pass," said Board President David Hunter.

The vote to waive a ban on Patrick Hickey failed three votes to two. The three no votes belonged to board members attending their final board meeting with Washington Local Schools.

Hickey released a statement on Twitter after the meeting, stating "Tonight 3 members of the WLS board voted against the will of 3,300 voters. The will of the people is a cornerstone of our democracy. Shame!!"

The meeting started with public comment, but Board President David Hunter didn't allow people to talk about the waiver or legal issues regarding the waiver.

Former Superintendent Patrick Hickey resigned from his duties in December 2015, after a board-appointed law firm filed 37 charges against him. Those charges included allegations of harassing teachers and inappropriate relationship with a student in 1990, while at Addison Schools in Michigan.

He was banned from school property shortly after, following an incident with a basketball official in February of 2016.

Perrysburg 7th Grade Teacher Kathy Mayfield wanted to give a voice to the teachers of the district.

"Well, I graduated from Washington Local, and I still live in Washington Local. As a teacher, I am invested in these issues. I've watched this story closely for two years. I know some of the teachers who have had personal experiences with Patrick Hickey that have been negative. They've been fearful to speak out."

Their organizational meeting will be on January 3rd at 6 p.m. The two new board members that can attend the meeting will vote on the waiver for Hickey to attend the following meeting. Board President Hunter said that if it doesn't pass then, there is no legal precedent to their situation.

"If the waive does not pass, we'll have to contact our attorneys and see what they suggest. This is even new areas for our attorneys. I mean, they're saying they don't have any law to go back on for this type of situation. So they're also conferring with themselves and their group."

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