Perrysburg city council approves second fire station

The new Perrysburg fire station will be located on Fort Meigs road, and could be finished as early as January 2019 (WNWO).

The Perrysburg Fire Department will be getting a brand new fire station.

With paperwork dating all the way back to 1969, Perrysburg Fire had been waiting a long time to get a second fire station.

"It's going to be a fantastic opportunity. We're really looking forward to it," said Chief Rudy Ruiz.

The new fire station will be located at 26082 Fort Meigs Road, right next to a Perrysburg water tower.

With a unanimous vote, council can now pay the construction engineer around $400,000. They can also seek bids for the final cost of the new building.

The original estimate is $9.89 million.

"There will be opportunities throughout the process for cost to be evaluated, to make sure we're getting the best product at the lowest price. So it's one step at a time, and this is the next hurdle," said Mayor Thomas Mackin.

Chief Ruiz now believes his staff can cut down on response time by having two locations.

"As you know, the city is growing. It's growing further south, and people are coming in. We have a fantastic community here. Safety services are solid. The schools are top notch. So the people are coming, and we want to make sure we have sufficient safety services that provide that level of care for our folks.

With the approval, the fire station construction could begin in April and be finished by January 2019.

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