Perrysburg gets new technology to treat discharged water

PERRYSBURG, OH- The City of Perrysburg is trying something new to reduce pollution that flows into the Maumee River and, eventually, Lake Erie.

The mayor of Perrysburg, Michael Olmstead and water experts from the Montana based water recovery business Clearas introduced the pilot project Thursday morning. Their goal is to reduce the amount of phosphorus and nitrogen in the discharged water-- things which feed harmful algae-- and instead add more oxygen to it. Itâ??s a three step system they say is already showing positive results.

"We're seeing a very significant 90% plus reduction and phosphorus, a significant reduction in nitrogen,â?? says, Clearas Marketing Vice President, Rick Johnson. â??I took him as well as an increase in the amount of oxygen in water." He says this technology will set the standard for the entire Great Lakes Area and hopefully lead to a long term solution.

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