Perrysburg, Wood County Prosecutor hosts drug prevention panel

Perrysburg High School, along with the Wood County Prosecutor's Office, hosted a drug prevention panel (WNWO).

There have been 10 deaths in Perrysburg alone over the last five years from opioid overdose.

Opioids in Wood County has worried Perrysburg Superintendent Tom Hosler so much, that he helped organize a panel to answer people's questions.

"No zip code is immune. Here in Perrysburg, we're seeing grandparents come in and register their grandkids for school because they're having to raise them, or niece or nephews. It's happening, and it's increasing."

The panel was led by Wood County Prosecutor Paul Dobson, Perrysburg police, and even members of the FBI. They showed a clip from the documentary "Chasing the Dragon," and gave their insights into the destruction that opioids bring into the community.

Nurse practitioner, Phyllis Endicott, attended the presentation and has worked in helping addicts for more than 10 years during her career.

"People now are ending up in the jail, in the graveyard, and many of them are ending up in the psychiatric units."

Phyllis simply wanted to educate herself, so she could continue to help as many people as she can.

"I would take any kind of measure to support recovery, and certainly, I think that's extremely important. Even when I find a patient at the hospital who seems to have these issues, I'll bring it up and discuss it a bit."

Prosecutor Dobson had one final message for anyone who is dealing with addiction, or for anyone that knows someone dealing with it.

"Don't do it alone. That's, to me, the number one. Find professionals, find counselors, and a lot of what they were saying about denial, there are folks that are there that are ready to help."

Stands from PASA Teen Board, Wood County Educational Service Center School and Community Based Alcohol/Drug Prevention Program and Wood County Opiate Task Force were also included in the event.

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