Plow drivers gear up for first anticipated snowfall of the season

Private snow plow drivers prepare for first snowfall of the season (WNWO).

TOLEDO, Ohio (WNWO) -- Snow is headed to Northwest Ohio. Some areas will see a dusting, others are expected to see a few inches and private plow drivers are on standby waiting to hit the roads.

Drivers have been eager to hit the roads since last year.

Many work landscaping during the warmer months, but rely on mother nature for their winter income.

"So when they get the call its time to go out and plow these guys jump in their trucks drive in hook up and go," said Matthew Zimmerman, ABCO Services Inc. sales and marketing manager.

Preparations are underway for the first real snowfall of the season.

ODOT has been pre-treating roads with brine.

"You know we always want to be ahead of the storm, you know obviously being proactive is better than being reactive. So in a storm like this, we're able to lay the brine the day before and it will still be effective when the snow comes the following day," said Rebecca Dangelo, ODOT District 2.

And ODOT drivers are eager to get to work.

"I think we're ready, we've had a pretty light winter so far, but we're ready we have a barn full of salt and we have a fleet of trucks ready to go so as soon as it hits we'll be ready," said Zimmerman.

Zimmerman builds and installs snow plows and salt and brine sprayers.

He says the busy time usually doesn't hit until later in January or February.

And when it does he says his crew is ready.

"They're ready to go, we've been prepping plows we've been selling plows we've been servicing them getting everybody ready to go, when the time comes we'll have some pretty clean roadways because these guys are eager to get out there and get it clean," said Zimmerman.

The city streets division says they have already brined the roads and will have crews on leaf pick up, but will switch to snow and ice removal if the city ends up getting more than just a dusting.

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