Police: dozens of guns, weapons stolen from Towers Armory

    Several dozen guns and weapons were stolen from Towers Armory in Oregon early Monday morning according to police (WNWO).

    OREGON, Ohio (WNWO) -- Authorities are searching for answers after several dozen guns and weapons were stolen from Towers Armory in Oregon early Monday morning.

    It happened around 3 a.m., but owners didn't call police until 9 a.m. when they came in.

    Police say that surveillance video shows two suspects entered the building through the roof, were in the building for more than an hour and then exited through the roof as well.

    "We know that two people entered the building through the roof, and we believe exited through the roof and may have been in there for quite some time," said Oregon Police Chief Michael Navarre.

    Oregon Police are working with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to review the surveillance video from multiple cameras inside and outside the building. But say the preliminary investigation shows that the suspects concealed their faces.

    "So we don't know how helpful that video is going to be. We'll go through it very carefully and if we determine that there is anything of significance we will get it out there to the public because this is one that we may need the public's help solving," said Chief Navarre.

    Lauryn Dangler works at Dirt Cheap Tobacco, right next door to the gun shop and shooting range, and said she spoke to Towers Armory employees who said they noticed suspicious activity the day before the robbery.

    "I was told that one of the workers saw some boys the previous day taking pictures of the outside of the building, and like going inside the building, and like they wouldn't make eye contact with the workers I guess," said Dangler.

    Now that community is on edge about what happens next.

    "I mean its going to happen no matter what it's just how life is you can't really control it but it's scary," said Dangler.

    "There are guns out there in the wrong hands. These are guns that are either going to be resold on the street to people that may end up using them for the wrong reasons, or the people that took them may end up using them for the wrong reasons," said Chief Navarre.

    Anyone with any information is asked to call the Oregon Police Department, the ATF or crime stopper.

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