Police Investigation Discovers Deplorable Dogs

Police are investigating an overnight shooting in downtown Toledo.(WNWO/MichaelWoodward).

An investigation is underway following a search warrant Thursday evening where numerous dogs were discovered in deplorable condition.

Toledo Police SWAT and Vice/Narcotics Section detectives executed a drug search warrant at 3114 Chase Street around 9:00 p.m.

The investigation is part of an annual enforcement blitz to honor slain Detective Keith Dressel.

Once inside the residence police discovered more than thirty dogs and puppies.

Dog feces covered the residence and veteran officers described the scene as the worst living conditions they have ever seen.

As the entry team attempted to back out of the house, they were attacked by multiple dogs.

Five attacking dogs were shot to protect the officers during the operation.

Lucas County Canine Care and Care Control and City of Toledo Neighborhoods Division are involved in the ongoing investigation.

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